Supply Drop 1: July, 12th 2013 @ 6:30 pm. 2 hours late. 
Contents include:
Condensed milk
Powdered eggs
2 months supply of MRE
3 months supply of jugs of water
Water skins
Beef and Pork jerky
Sewing kits
Jars of fruit
Canned vegetables
Fire wood

Supply Drop 1: July, 12th 2013 @ 6:30 pm. 2 hours late. 

Contents include:

  • Condensed milk
  • Powdered eggs
  • 2 months supply of MRE
  • 3 months supply of jugs of water
  • Water skins
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Fish
  • Beef and Pork jerky
  • Clothes
  • Sewing kits
  • Jars of fruit
  • Canned vegetables
  • Chickens
  • Knives
  • Furs
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Rope
  • Leathers
  • Books
  • Candy
  • Sugar
  • Bread
  • Fire wood
We will reopen Wednesday, July 10th at 6pm EST. That is 
EST: 6:00 pm
CST: 5:00 pm
MST: 4:00 pm
PST: 3:00 pm
And for our Australia Resident: Thursday, July 11th at 8:00 am 
(Sorry I’m trying to be accommodating) 

We will reopen Wednesday, July 10th at 6pm EST. That is 

EST: 6:00 pm

CST: 5:00 pm

MST: 4:00 pm

PST: 3:00 pm

And for our Australia Resident: Thursday, July 11th at 8:00 am 

(Sorry I’m trying to be accommodating) 


Talia Al Ghul ▵ Face Claim: JoeyKing

Age: 9
Incarcerated For: Exiled  
Security Threat: Low

History ➝

Talia’s mother was exiled to the pit to serve a sentence for her husband. Unfortunately, the man never knew of her sacrifice. He never knew she was pregnant with his child and Nadiya gave birth to a beautiful little girl which whom she named, Talia. The pit’s keeper, Bane, kept the woman safe and comfortable. He kept her sheltered and locked safely in a cell so no man could harm her or defile her. Even during birth, he stood guard, making sure the men in the prison got nowhere close. Nadiya was grateful.

Growing up in a prison, in a cell, Talia has never seen the sun. She’s never seen grass or trees though through her mother’s teachings and flipping through all of Bane’s books, she’s seen the pictures and heard the stories. She’s a brilliant girl. Her best friend makes sure she’s safe and lives a somewhat happy life. (As happy as she’ll ever know.)

The prison believes her to be a boy. Nadiya keeps her hair short, Bane lets her tag along with him on errands and he is her best friend. She is spoiled, all things considered, getting everything she wants.  

Present ➝

Talia is possessive of her friend, hating when he gives too much of his time to other people. She’s even been known to cut through the ropes at the basin, sabotaging Barsad’s climb once. (His final attempt) The man came crashing down, breaking a leg, forcing Bane to care for him all over again. 

Talia likes when the bad men die. When she can hear them choking out in the middle of the night. She believes, through no outside encouragement, that they deserve what they get. Bane finds her charming. 

Personality Traits ➝

001 ▹Hyperactive, given her environment and how little she’s allowed to move about. She’s full of energy and optimism.  

002 Possessive and cruel. She has stabbed men before, ones who got far too close for her or Bane’s liking. They deserve it, she thinks. If they’re willing to harm a young ‘boy’ then they deserve being stabbed. 

003 ▹ Self reliant but also sociable. Talia loves to be in the spotlight. She loves to be around people and show off for them.

James Bellic ▵ Face Claim: Jon Bernthal

Age: Thirty six
Incarcerated For: Assassin  
Security Threat: Extremely High

History ➝

James  was born and raised in Washington, DC by two Serbian parents straight off the boat. He was given every chance at being a good American with an education but James wanted nothing of it. He flew to his family’s home in Serbia when he was only ten, and chose to stay with his aunt and uncle. 

When James turned fifteen, he joined his village’s army and went to war with his cousins. At fifteen he was a soldier. At fifteen he was murdering and destroying towns. The death and destruction knew no bounds. By the time he was seventeen, James was hired to take out hits on government officials. Presidents. Prime Ministers. He was good. 

Present ➝ 

Now a grown man, James has his own apprentice, much like the one he was for his general. The pair take out hits to whoever is buying. They’re death dealers, trading blood for cash. One particular hit felt wrong. It felt dirty. James pulled the trigger anyway, hitting a warlord in the throat. It did not kill him but it did shine attention on James and his apprentice. The two were captured and thrown into the pit to die like animals as slaughter. 

Personality Traits ➝

001 ▹Cold blooded killer. James has never felt sorry for one of his victims. Ever. He needs to eat and what is one less mouth in the world to feed if it means surviving for his own. 

002 James is an educated man despite skipping school and choosing war instead. He’s seen the world, experienced life and has learned through watching. 

003 ▹ Has a low tolerance for other people. Other than his apprentice and small children, James isn’t the friendly kind. 

Jason Todd ▵ Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder

Age: 25
Incarcerated For: Terrorism  
Security Threat: Medium

History ➝

Jason Todd was at one point in time a good kid. He went to school, he ate his vegetables, his hugged his mother good night. Was being the operative word in this line of events. He was a good kid. Jason Todd was also killed by a man mugging his mother and he while they walked home from the grocery store. He was shot point blank and his heart stopped for what seemed like an excruciating amount of time. He was saved by a man passing by, he and his mother. This same man took Jason to the hospital and curiously visited the boy every day. Even when the doctors said there was brain damage and Jason would never get full coordination back this man came to visit him. Even helped rehabilitate him. Never once gave a name either, in short this man worked a medical miracle on the boy. Brain scans showed he was functioning at higher than normal levels. Connections were made where there shouldn’t be any, a miracle. So naturally when Jason was 18 and the man asked to take Jason with him,she consented he must be an angel. And to Jason he was an angel. And angel of Justice. That night they hunted down and killed his attacker, who was doing the exact same thing they had been. Just walking home. But blood for blood sounded all to fair to the teen. And that is all it was for fairness. He even took the man to the hospital after giving him what Jason had gotten, a shot point blank to the chest opposite the side of his heart. So what if Jason’s gun was a little but bigger. 

It was his first real taste at Justice, and Jason loved it. Savored it. He felt free. His body for so long had been his prison in that hospital and this man gave him his justice. He had to pay it forward. Rehabilitation continued with years of intense gymnastics training(it was the sport of his choice before his accident after all) , night prowling with his Angel learning the art of hand to hand combat from him. When his wings were grown enough he was given the gift of a mantle. Red Hood was his name now, his mission was clear. He had to level the field. In the name of Justice Jason did horrible things. Kidnapped men, killed them. Blew apart buildings, oil rigs, sent entire countries to war. All for the little man. For the ones who had no say.  

Present ➝

Eventually it all caught up to him. He was finally captured by Interpol, in the middle of setting charges in the headquarters of a lending firm that was ripping off people with their home loans. He went peacefully of course, after a 40 fire fight and he leveled the building. There is only one place for radicals like Jason, in the ground where nobody can hear their words. 

Personality Traits ➝

001 ▹Jason will only fight for justice. He doesn’t choose any one’s side.  

002 ▹ He’s a fun, easy going kind of guy with a sharp wit.  

003 ▹ Jason is compassionate towards others whether he likes to believe it or not.  

Jacob Barnes ▵ Face Claim: Lucas Till

Age: 23
Incarcerated For: Set up 
Security Threat: Low

History ➝

Jacob was a promising young man from an Ivy League school well on his way to the top. He majored in Chemistry and Physics and for his extra credits, aided a Russian doctor in the building of a machine that would one day revolutionize powering the world. Low cost technology, practically no pollution and completely solar powered.  It was a beautiful tool.

Unfortunately, when things seem too good to be true, it’s because they often are. The doctor was a gambling man, bet away his money and when the bookies came to collect, they saw the machine. At that moment, Jacob’s life would be over.  

Present ➝

The court hearings were long and dragged out. There was enough evidence, apparently, gathered and piled up to prove that Jacob worked on the machine alone and that it was capable of becoming a bomb. The doctor was nowhere to be found. Not a trace of him so Jacob had no one else to pin any of the blame on. What was worse was no one believed him. 

Who would have thought the criminal phone tree would work so quickly? Now he rots in the pit, given his death sentence. He has time now. Time to think about who would want the machine, who would want the doctor he’d grown to call a friend. And why was he set up?

Personality Traits ➝

001 ▹Jacob isn’t timid but he isn’t aggressive. He holds his ground in confrontation and down here he gets it a lot.  

002 ▹ Highly intelligent, Jacob often gets bored with the same ole’, same ole’ but this is prison and he’s learning to understand just how to survive down here.

003 ▹ Once upon a time, being told you’re pretty was a compliment. Now whenever he hears it, Jacob cant help the shiver that crawls down his spine. 

Caleb Jaxon ▵ Face Claim: Johnny Depp

Age: Twenty
Incarcerated For: Mass Murder 
Security Threat: Low

History ➝

Caleb was 9 years old when his parents died in a fire. Everyone believed it was a accident. A cigarette. A candle. The usual reasons. Caleb knew better. How come? Because the nine year old boy was responsible. He lit the house on fire. The child had killed his parents and unborn brother before he was ten years old. However, he would never undo it. Caleb didn’t necessarily want to kill his baby brother or anything but he found it better for the unborn child to stay that way than step into this horrible world. Caleb’s parents never hit him or physically abused him but the mental abuse was there. Always complaining that he wasn’t posh enough. Wasn’t acting like the rich child he was. Because he was filthy rich. What Mr and Mrs Jaxon never knew, was that their son wasn’t quite stable. It was hard to explain. 
It was when Caleb found out about his father’s twisted hobby that it snapped for the young child. His father was a doctor, whom liked to perform rather…cruel surgeries on his patients. Caleb decided to punish him. His  mother deserved the same fate as well. She approved of her husband’s cruelness. 
Caleb was moved to an orphanage shortly after the fire where he was being his quiet small self. But the orphanage wasn’t all what it was made out to be. One of the men working there had a much darker agenda for the children. Three weeks in and young, timid Caleb was raped. It angered

 him something awfully, it hurt him, it made him even more out of it. Made him more morally fucked up. It was first when Caleb reached the age of 14 that he couldn’t help but going back to his vengeful self once more. A new boy had been moved to orphanage, not more than 7 years old. Caleb took the boy under his wing and when the child was raped as well, just as he and too many of the boys had been, Caleb snapped. He brutally stabbed the man responsible for the cruel sin repeatedly. There was no mercy. 

Instead of reporting this to the police, the staff in the orphanage decided to keep quiet about it and locked Caleb in a room. For four years. A small room with no windows, no sound, no nothing. Just enough food to survive. Of course they couldn’t keep him any longer than till he turned 18. He was an adult then. He could get all the money his parents left for him. Except, Caleb was far from fine. He was a odd one. With weird hobbies. With weird personality traits. But a killer streak, without a doubt.   

Present ➝

 It was when he seemingly without a reason walked into a hospital, stabbing all the doctors he saw before he was finally stopped. However, stabbing and killing all those doctors, even those in the middle of surgeries, led to a high number of patients to die as well. Caleb claims he did it due to a nightmare he had been having reoccurring. Caleb was sure it would stop the nightmares, obviously linked his father’s ‘hobbies’. He was thrown in the pit. 
Caleb had always appear small and little and seemingly harmless. He was and still is, unless you somehow get on his bad side. Of course, many of the other inmates finds him weird with his tics, and habits and fears and ways. Some get fascinated, some stray away from him.

Personality Traits ➝

001 ▹Your pet, your dog; Caleb is extremely loyal. Like a puppy. If you treat him nice once, he’ll most likely be loyal to you for the rest of his life. Of course, this does not always work. Occasionally, there’s people that won’t ever get his loyalty, won’t ever earn his trust. He’s also awfully protective and yet submissive to the people he feel ‘owns him’. That means if someone were to hurt whoever he feel protective over, he might just claw their eyes out.  

002 ▹ Tics and such; Caleb is filled with odd tics and weird behavior traits. Like a dog with his protection, he’s like a cat with his movements. He sleeps in corners only, he claws at stuff, he purrs like a cat, he hiss like a cat, he scratches himself when nervous, he’s a nerve wreck after 4 years without a person. The Pit at least got people. 

003 ▹ Crave to be loved; Caleb is not at all aware of this part, but he want to be loved so badly. He want motherly and fatherly and brotherly and of course, the great love. He craves it, badly. He want to be loved so badly that he’d go to the extremes to be loved. And when in that state, oh so easy to manipulate. Oh so easy.