Jason Todd ▵ Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder

Age: 25
Incarcerated For: Terrorism  
Security Threat: Medium

History ➝

Jason Todd was at one point in time a good kid. He went to school, he ate his vegetables, his hugged his mother good night. Was being the operative word in this line of events. He was a good kid. Jason Todd was also killed by a man mugging his mother and he while they walked home from the grocery store. He was shot point blank and his heart stopped for what seemed like an excruciating amount of time. He was saved by a man passing by, he and his mother. This same man took Jason to the hospital and curiously visited the boy every day. Even when the doctors said there was brain damage and Jason would never get full coordination back this man came to visit him. Even helped rehabilitate him. Never once gave a name either, in short this man worked a medical miracle on the boy. Brain scans showed he was functioning at higher than normal levels. Connections were made where there shouldn’t be any, a miracle. So naturally when Jason was 18 and the man asked to take Jason with him,she consented he must be an angel. And to Jason he was an angel. And angel of Justice. That night they hunted down and killed his attacker, who was doing the exact same thing they had been. Just walking home. But blood for blood sounded all to fair to the teen. And that is all it was for fairness. He even took the man to the hospital after giving him what Jason had gotten, a shot point blank to the chest opposite the side of his heart. So what if Jason’s gun was a little but bigger. 

It was his first real taste at Justice, and Jason loved it. Savored it. He felt free. His body for so long had been his prison in that hospital and this man gave him his justice. He had to pay it forward. Rehabilitation continued with years of intense gymnastics training(it was the sport of his choice before his accident after all) , night prowling with his Angel learning the art of hand to hand combat from him. When his wings were grown enough he was given the gift of a mantle. Red Hood was his name now, his mission was clear. He had to level the field. In the name of Justice Jason did horrible things. Kidnapped men, killed them. Blew apart buildings, oil rigs, sent entire countries to war. All for the little man. For the ones who had no say.  

Present ➝

Eventually it all caught up to him. He was finally captured by Interpol, in the middle of setting charges in the headquarters of a lending firm that was ripping off people with their home loans. He went peacefully of course, after a 40 fire fight and he leveled the building. There is only one place for radicals like Jason, in the ground where nobody can hear their words. 

Personality Traits ➝

001 ▹Jason will only fight for justice. He doesn’t choose any one’s side.  

002 ▹ He’s a fun, easy going kind of guy with a sharp wit.  

003 ▹ Jason is compassionate towards others whether he likes to believe it or not.