James Bellic ▵ Face Claim: Jon Bernthal

Age: Thirty six
Incarcerated For: Assassin  
Security Threat: Extremely High

History ➝

James  was born and raised in Washington, DC by two Serbian parents straight off the boat. He was given every chance at being a good American with an education but James wanted nothing of it. He flew to his family’s home in Serbia when he was only ten, and chose to stay with his aunt and uncle. 

When James turned fifteen, he joined his village’s army and went to war with his cousins. At fifteen he was a soldier. At fifteen he was murdering and destroying towns. The death and destruction knew no bounds. By the time he was seventeen, James was hired to take out hits on government officials. Presidents. Prime Ministers. He was good. 

Present ➝ 

Now a grown man, James has his own apprentice, much like the one he was for his general. The pair take out hits to whoever is buying. They’re death dealers, trading blood for cash. One particular hit felt wrong. It felt dirty. James pulled the trigger anyway, hitting a warlord in the throat. It did not kill him but it did shine attention on James and his apprentice. The two were captured and thrown into the pit to die like animals as slaughter. 

Personality Traits ➝

001 ▹Cold blooded killer. James has never felt sorry for one of his victims. Ever. He needs to eat and what is one less mouth in the world to feed if it means surviving for his own. 

002 James is an educated man despite skipping school and choosing war instead. He’s seen the world, experienced life and has learned through watching. 

003 ▹ Has a low tolerance for other people. Other than his apprentice and small children, James isn’t the friendly kind. 

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