Talia Al Ghul ▵ Face Claim: JoeyKing

Age: 9
Incarcerated For: Exiled  
Security Threat: Low

History ➝

Talia’s mother was exiled to the pit to serve a sentence for her husband. Unfortunately, the man never knew of her sacrifice. He never knew she was pregnant with his child and Nadiya gave birth to a beautiful little girl which whom she named, Talia. The pit’s keeper, Bane, kept the woman safe and comfortable. He kept her sheltered and locked safely in a cell so no man could harm her or defile her. Even during birth, he stood guard, making sure the men in the prison got nowhere close. Nadiya was grateful.

Growing up in a prison, in a cell, Talia has never seen the sun. She’s never seen grass or trees though through her mother’s teachings and flipping through all of Bane’s books, she’s seen the pictures and heard the stories. She’s a brilliant girl. Her best friend makes sure she’s safe and lives a somewhat happy life. (As happy as she’ll ever know.)

The prison believes her to be a boy. Nadiya keeps her hair short, Bane lets her tag along with him on errands and he is her best friend. She is spoiled, all things considered, getting everything she wants.  

Present ➝

Talia is possessive of her friend, hating when he gives too much of his time to other people. She’s even been known to cut through the ropes at the basin, sabotaging Barsad’s climb once. (His final attempt) The man came crashing down, breaking a leg, forcing Bane to care for him all over again. 

Talia likes when the bad men die. When she can hear them choking out in the middle of the night. She believes, through no outside encouragement, that they deserve what they get. Bane finds her charming. 

Personality Traits ➝

001 ▹Hyperactive, given her environment and how little she’s allowed to move about. She’s full of energy and optimism.  

002 Possessive and cruel. She has stabbed men before, ones who got far too close for her or Bane’s liking. They deserve it, she thinks. If they’re willing to harm a young ‘boy’ then they deserve being stabbed. 

003 ▹ Self reliant but also sociable. Talia loves to be in the spotlight. She loves to be around people and show off for them.

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